Arts & Culture

TYP Arts & Culture Team

A strong Tucson involves young professionals supporting, engaging with, and aware of Tucson’s arts and culture scene.


Initial ideas for activities this team can lead.

  • Events to get to know the arts and culture organizations in Tucson, and their challenges right now during COVID-19. 
  • Nights out at museums, the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, etc. 
  • Work with Membership Committee to develop TYP Perks+ for members, with arts and culture organizations, including special rates for TYP Members
  • Set up Virtual Tours during COVID 


Why should a member get involved?

  • If you’re passionate about the arts and cultural institutions surviving and thriving, and making young professionals more aware of and invested in them. 
  • Want to find out more about the institutions that Tucson has, and celebrating them. 

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