TYP Advocacy Team

The Advocacy team connects TYP members and other various young professional focused organizations in the region together to have a more influential and unified voice. The team will work to identify and inform our community about both issues standing in our way and opportunities that we should pursue to achieve our vision of a strong, innovative, and inclusive Tucson economy for young professionals.


Initial ideas for activities this team can lead.

  • Developing thought leadership and education pieces for young professionals to educate and inform them on public policy and civic opportunities.
  • Conducting surveys and audience research to measure and report on the prevailing thoughts and feelings of young people in our region.
  • Organizing panels, round tables, and other events to discuss issues and opportunities.
  • Spotlighting potential civic actions young people can take to better advocate for themselves and the concerns of their communities.


Why should a member get involved?

  • You want TYP to lead the conversations shaping Tucson today.
  • You have a passion for civic engagement, public policy, and community building.
  • You have a number of community connections you want to leverage and hope to continue to build your network quickly with Tucson’s top civic leaders.

Joe Nordlie
Student Financial Services Team Lead - Southern New Hampshire University
JP Martin
JP Martin
Political Director - Equality Arizona
Meghan Heddings
Executive Director - Family Housing Resources
Mark Preston
Senior Designer - BRINK
Rufus J. Flomo
Research Lab Technician - University of Arizona

Want to join the Advocacy team?

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