TYP Philanthropy

Young professionals are the long-term donors and funders of the organizations and institutions that make our community strong, innovative and inclusive. How do we help grow and connect new philanthropists with the causes they support? How can our organization help our city in a time of crisis?


Initial ideas for activities this team can lead.

  • Evaluating 1-3 nonprofit organizations that align with TYP’s values, to drive donation/philanthropy year round. This can involve connecting with another team involved in Nonprofits, Arts and Culture, etc.
  • Training on financial stewardship, financial literacy, and wealth-building.
  • Roundtables and opportunities to get to know some of the nonprofit organizations that impact Tucson. 
  • Provide members avenues to invest into the organizations they believe in.
  • Design 1-3 events annually that are fundraisers for organizations chosen by the Team.


Why should a member get involved?

  • If you have knowledge, experience and passion that could be helpful in guiding these complex issues and want a vehicle to maximize your impact.
  • If you understand that a strong nonprofit sector makes for a better Tucson 

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